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Thursday, July 11, 2013

1934 Ford & 1938 Chevy update

Having an early breakfast snack,

in the back of my boyfriends

1934 Ford

with cowboy coffee and mini blueberry muffins...

Just finished grocery shopping...

It's been over 5 months and still awaiting


for the Mustang front end for the 1938 Chevy.

The owner of the shop is trying to stiff my boyfriend,

he thinks that time will keep him

from bugging him regarding the front end.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

1934 Ford (My boyfriends truck)

Ted s (my Baby s) 34 Ford by teri412002
Ted s (my Baby s) 34 Ford, a photo by teri412002 on Flickr.

The update on the 1938 Chevy is still being delayed, due to parts complications. I've decided to post this photo instead.

This photo was taken of my boyfriends 1934 Ford truck on the coast of California, in Fortune, CA couple, few yrs ago at a car show.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Update on the 1938 Chevy

This is a update on the 1938 Chevy, my boyfriend is restoring. A HUGE mess up with the ordering of the front end (suppose to be a mustang front end).

The man that ordered it April 19th and today is May 29th, I'd mentioned in the my last posting that some of the parts we're missing, and just a week ago, he finally got the rest of it, all which needs cutting and fitting.

The man ordered the wrong front end, my boyfriend had seen the exact front end in a catalog, and it was priced $800 dollars less than the what he paid for, and now he is in the process of trying to return it and getting ALL of his money back, he's just having a hell of a time just getting in touch with him.

The man owns the company, and I don't understand why he would do that to a customer, does not make for good reviews.

So, anywho, I decided to repost some photos from a Hot August Nights Classic Car show I went to in 2010.

These are some photos I'd taken during the 2010 Hot August Nights Classic Car Show.

Scroll your mouse under the picture, and view the other cars.